The 5S-Method:

Tidiness. Sort out and remove anything that is unnecessary to the activities at the workstation.

Orderliness. Make sure everything that is actually used gets its own dedicated and labelled place in line with ergonomic considerations.

Cleanliness. Clean workstations from the ground up.

Standardisation. Make it standard practice to clear up workstations and make sure new objects don’t find their way into a workstation unless they are needed.

Self-discipline Discipline is essential if order and cleanliness are to be maintained. Once a home has been picked out for a tool, that’s where it belongs – for ever.

Our customers who work with this method share their requirements with us – and we put them into practice. Whether it’s just an idea, or a detailed design, we make everything possible and adapt our products to the specific needs of each customer.

The idea of using foam to organise tools and materials comes from the aircraft engineering sector. It ensures that all the tools used to build aircraft each have their own place, production staff don’t need to hunt around for them and nothing gets lost. Today, the use of organisational systems like these is summed up in the 5S method. Originating from Japan, this methodology is a tool for keeping workstations and the areas around them clean and clear. The 5S method minimises the risk of workplace accidents and optimises working processes.