Design Team

Intuitive Design of Foam Inlays

For the tailor-made configuration of your foam inlay we use our web-based software, the Configurator. It supports our professional construction-team with the layout planning and implements the production of nearly any quantity – from production batch 1 – to economical conditions.

Our production process in a nutshell:

  1. TECSAFE uses your productsamples, drawings, design-data or simply puts your ideas into practice.
  2. The scan-service offers a 3D-shot of your product.
  3. TECSAFE develops your individual layout (CAD) – on demand with pressure points or recessed grips.
  4. Your layout is transformed to a milling-programm (CAM).
  5. On demand we also offer laser-labelling or terminal diagrams.
  6. The release-drawing is submitted.
  7. The outline (2D) or steps (3D) are only milled into high quality material.

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