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Together with our customers we explore ways for an economical production of customized 2D or 3D foam inlays for the optimal storage of your valuable products – serial production or even production batch 1!

Our Idea

Originally developed for completeness controls in the aviation industry, the idea of multicoloured foam inlays by now enjoys great popularity among various industries. Among classic, such as screwdrivers, our customers also protect other sensitive products with our high quality foam inlays – from knives, photo equipment and giftware to artifical dentition.

High End Protection for your Products

We produce foam inlays in various sizes, colours and materials. With these foam inlays our customers protect their vaulable goods, optimize their production, clear up their workplaces or design their individual product presentations.

Company Information

Foam Made to Order

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Our Services

Flexibilty is our strength. Our products are manufactured in a cost-effective process, even if the batch size is just one item. Have your products scanned professionally by our state-of-the-art scanner for photorealistic results. To guarantee a better overview, we are able to laser helpful information on the surface of your foam. Thanks to the optimised arrangement of our machinery, we can also manufacture small and medium-sized batches und deliver fast – something that sets us apart from our competitors.

Individual Foam Solutions

Whether provided with hand-drawn sketches or design files or working alongside customers to develop their ideas, our engineering team uses all the relevant specifications to develop professional layouts.

Or are you interested in designing your individual foam inlay by yourself? Use our web-based SchaumDesigner. We created this intuitive configuration tool to meet your needs in designing a layout and requesting it immediately. You can get access here.

Foam Made to Order

We produce Foam – made to order. TECSAFE: Professional foam solutions for:

  • drawer inserts
  • sensitive goods
  • tool cases
  • product presentations
  • packaging
  • die carriage
  • and anything you want to protect!