Our customers can choose from a range of different foams, either in a single colour – black, blue, red, yellow, green or light grey – or in a dual-colour combination with black as the top colour. Special designs can also be manufactured, to meet existing CI standards, for example.

Another unique selling point of the raw material is the way it is manufactured. We differentiate between chemically and physically foamed plastics, and the Plastazote we use most often as a starting material falls into the latter category. This high-quality polyethylene foam is formed exclusively through the application of CO2. As a result, it is 100% free of chemical vapours and is the most environmentally friendly foam of its type.

When it comes to environments where work has to be carried out to hygienic standards, such as in the food industry, PE300 is ideally suited to requirements. We also stock and process this material.

TECSAFE: Environmental Responsibility.

If customers require, we can use polyurethane foam for low-cost packaging and egg-profile foams.