Foam made to measure

Plastazote Foam Inlays

This high quality PE-foam is foamed without any chemical foaming substances exclusively by using CO2 and is therefore free from any exhalation.

It is available standardized monochrome in the colours black, blue red, yellow, green and light grey, as well as bichrome combinations of these colours with anthracite.

More colours are available on demand.

The plastazote basic material is processed by us in intensities from 5 mm to 250 mm.

Electrostatic conductible foam – ESD

The electrostatic conductible foam is suitable for packaging and storage of goods that are sensitive to electrostatic discharge.

The hard execution of the basic material is abrasion-resistant and causes no erosion in combination with for example aluminium, gold or IC-Pins. Therefor it is also suitable for electronic elements.

Construction material for clean rooms

Polyethylen is a partially cristalline, thermoplastic material with a high denseness, ductility and rigidity. It absorbs only minimal amounts of moisture and is as a result also proper for clean rooms and the food industry.


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