We use our web-based configuration system SchaumDesigner to design our custom foam inserts. Our team of engineers poured their expertise into the development of the software and creates customised layouts in line with our customers’ needs.

Whether provided with hand-drawn sketches or design files or working alongside customers to develop their ideas, our engineering team uses all the relevant specifications to develop professional layouts. Then it’s down to our milling technology to replicate the carefully designed contours in high-quality materials. Maximum precision is a top priority in the production process.

4 Steps to Your Foam

1. Capturing contours Make use of our scan service for capturing the contours of your objects and tools for designing your individual foam solution. You are not able to send the revelant product to us, because it is in use on a daily basis? Then you can also do a smartphone scan with your Iphone for example or a camera on site. (Please be aware that this limits scanning objects. These objects must exceed 50 mm in height.) Place all the parts you want to be included in your foam insert on the LED light panel or scan sheet. Use a camera or smartphone to photograph the parts against the panel or sheet.

2. SchaumDesigner You will be given access details to use our web-based software that allow you to log in and upload the photos you have taken against the light panel or scan sheet. Alternatively, you can use the ready-made database of 3D tool contours that is built into SchaumDesigner. Now you need to create your own custom foam insert. Specify the size, colour and grip recesses. Labels can also be easily added.

3. Production We operate on the “four-eyes principle”, which means that all the layouts created in SchaumDesigner are checked by our technicians and only released when their suitability for production has been approved. We use stateof- the-art milling and laser plants running across multiple shifts to manufacture your custom foam insert. Quality checks are carried out on the foam inserts at various points throughout the production process.

4. Finished foam insert Following a final check, your custom foam insert arrives with you after just a few days. Each of our foam inserts is marked on the back with a unique ID number. This ensures that all inserts are fully traceable, can be reordered and can also be used for other layouts.

Smartphone Scan

Service: Our specially trained service team is happy to help you with the initial data capture for tools and configuration work in SchaumDesigner.