We have been growing in line with our customers’ requirements for more than nine years. And we’ve never stood still, instead choosing to develop new approaches and product groups so we can deliver the best possible results. Throughout everything we do, we always focus on the highest quality standards and rapid realisation.

TECSAFE – Foam made to order. Indeed, that is how we ensure our customers’ products benefit from the best possible protection. Nature has set the example – encasing the things that really matter in a strong hull. And that is precisely what our foam solutions do – although they also bring flexibility into the equation. Whether customers require bespoke packaging, inserts for cases or logistics containers, we take their requirements and turn them into a product. Foam inserts were originally used in the aircraft engineering sector as a way of making sure everything is present and accounted for – and that shows how practical foam solutions are. In the meantime, our products have been put to use in a huge range of industries, not just as shadowboards, but for sealing, storage and impact protection applications, too. Virtually anything is possible.

We achieve such a wide range of potential applications thanks to continuous development work and by rethinking approaches, developing new ideas and staying in close contact with customers. We research and develop new ways of using our products, which we are constantly adapting to customer needs. Our foam solutions are therefore perfectly complemented by customer-focused sales and services activities. We want our customers to know that we offer the best possible solution for their problem.

A team of 35 staff currently work alongside the senior management team to safeguard the quality of our products and services. Since its establishment, the company has been run by the Hermes family. Today, the first and second generations of the family are working side by side to ensure TECSAFE continues to stand for excellent quality, perfect services and practical products